We are located in Cedar Springs, Michigan.
Phone:  616-634-4919
Email:   ashleyroseweddings@yahoo.com

* Individual deliveries will be charged a calculated delivery gas fee.


* All meetings for quotes are free          
* Quotes can be given over the phone, via email, or in person.
 * Delivery and set up are free for weddings over $1300 with in a 50 mile radius of our Cedar Springs location.  Any wedding under $1300 within 50 miles will only have a gas fee. This is for weddings and large events only.

* All other wedding deliveries are as follows...
- Weddings over 50 miles of our Cedar Springs location will be charged a $3 per mile delivery fee and no set up fees.Gas fee for wedding under $1300 will apply.
- Weddings up to an hour and a half drive will have a $1000 minimum, gas fee if under $1300 will apply, and $3 per mile delivery fee outside of the 50 mile free area.  No set up fee.
- Weddings up to an hour and 45 minute drive will have a $2000 minimum, $3 per mile delivery fee outside of the 50 mile radius, and no set up fees. 
- Weddings that are a two to three hour drive will have a $2500 minimum, $3 per mile delivery fee outside of the 50 mile radius, no set up fees.

* All orders of rental equipment only is pick up only          unless otherwise discussed.
* A required down payment of 30% reserves our                services on the requested date, which is applied to your balance.
* All changes to orders must be in three weeks                 before the event date.
* All weddings and large orders must be placed at least 3 weeks prior to the event to give us sufficient order time.
* All balances are due two weeks before event date.
Call or email for availability.
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The Ashley Rose
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Contact Us
There are many people who make our business possible.  First and foremost we thank God. For all things are possible through him. We thank our family who support us through all things. And we thank you, our friends and clients for using us for your flowers, sharing our facebook posts, and passing on our name to your friends and family.  Thank you!  We love you all!
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Meet our team
We are a family owned and operated custom wedding design florist.  We have had the pleasure of decorating for so many awesome brides all over the state of Michigan! We have designed many sized weddings, from small intimate gatherings to large social events. We have many rental items and we have even made specialized items for people. We would love to talk to you about your wedding and see how we can create your vision!

If you would like to set up an in person meeting please contact us.  If you would like an estimate emailed to you without having a meeting, please fill out this form and email it to the email address at the bottom of the form.