Arches and Arbors
Other Equipment
Vases and Containers
Miscellaneous Pieces
Bamboo square arch- 6' or 8' poles with decorative container bases.
Shown here using the 8' poles and simply decorated with tulle 

            $50.00 rental fee
Branch arch- This arch is pieced together on location.  It is a statement piece for sure! 
Shown here with flowers and plants 

    $300 rental fee
Tropical arbor- 6' or 8' bamboo poles in decorative bases with tropical leaves that attach in the middle from the top of each pole.

Bamboo arbor- 6' or 8' bamboo poles with your choice of white fabric or blues(pictured).  Other colors could be an option for an additional fee.  It is shown on the beach but it can also be used indoors

White metal arch- 7' tall
Shown here with tulle, lights, and flowers.

Candle box-  These are a wooden boxes with three different sized wooden dowels and three different sized pillar candles in white or ivory.  The base is usually covered with moss or tulle.

$25.00 each 
Tree candelabra- holds 9 taper candles

$15.00 each 
Seven branch candelabra- holds 7 taper candles

$12.00 each 
Unity candelabra- holds 3 taper candles or two taper candles and one pillar candle

$10.00 each 
Spiral candelabra- holds 15 taper candles

Fan candelabra- holds 15 taper candles

Long lighters

$5.00 for the pair 
3.5' white pillar

          $10.00 each 
1.5' white pillar

           $5.00 each
Wall of lights- White frame with white tulle and white lights.  It is 8'x8' sections that can hook together to form a longer wall.
(shown here with four sections attached together)

$75.00 per 8' section 
Fence sections-  Made in natural pine wood with an arched top and legs to stand on its own.

$40.00 each 
Votive or tea light holders

            .50 each 
Cylinder vases-  6 1/4"x 3"
                           9 1/4"x 3"
                         10 1/2"x 3"

$2.00 each 
​Cylinder bud vase- 
7 1/2"x 1 1/2"

.50 each 
Eiffel tower vases- 24"

     $5.00 each
Lily bowl vases- 10"

                $2.00 each
Rose bowl vases- 5 1/4"x5 3/4"

   $2.00 each 
Metal mint julep cup vases 
4 1/2"

$2.00 each 
   Plastic mint julep cups 
  4 1/2"

  .50 each 
White lights- white wire or green wire

                   $1.00 per strand 
Tulle- White or ivory

Tulle swags- $1.00 per foot
Tulle and lights swags- $1.50 per foot
Square mirror-  12"x12"

           $1.00 each 
Pillar candle candelabras- holds 5 candles 
 3' high x 10" wide

       $5.00 each 
Cream small urn-                    Black urn-
12" high x 9" wide                   26" high x 16" wide

$10.00 each                            $20.00 each 
Bass wood thick disk- commonly used as a cake stand

Bass wood disks- they range from 11-15"

$2.00 each
Birch wood disks- they range from 8-10"

$2.00 each
Hanging crystals- 6" long

.50 each
Glass cake stand- 20" x 20" x 5" high


​Rental items can set the scene. Not only are you saving money by not buying everything yourself, but you also get us! We will set everything up and take it all down.  
We are always adding more rentals to this list.  We also have many single items that could be rented.  Let us know if there is something specific that you are looking for, we may have it.  We have quite often made a piece of equipment for a wedding too.  So feel free to show us pictures of things you would like.  We are always looking for new things to buy or make to add to our collection.
White wood pillars

$10.00 each
Cream medium urns
16" high x 12" wide

$15.00 each
Cylinder vases- 24" x 4"

$5.00 each
Cylinder vase- 12" x 4"

$3.00 each
Stemmed glass candle holder
12" high x 3" top opening

$2 each
Sundae glass-  
7" high x 3 1/2" top opening

$2.00 each

Mix and match bud vases.
Range of height is 9" to 3" tall

 .50 each
Clear mason jars- 
Quart, Pint, and half pint

 .50 each
Aqua blue mason jars-
Pint size

 .50 each
Gold glass footed containers
5 1/2" tall x 6" diameter

$3.00 each
Light gold wooden box for centerpieces
8" long, 5 1/2" wide, 4" tall

$2.00 each
Galvanized buckets
6" x 6"

$3.00 each
Galvanized shallow container
12" diameter x 3 1/2" tall

$4.00 each
Galvanized deep container
15" long, 10" wide, 6" tall

$5.00 each
Birch tea light candle holders
Approximate heights- 8", 5 1/2", 4"

$2.00 each
White lanterns
11" tall, 5 1/2" wide

$8.00 each
Rental pillar candles- The candle heights range
The glass vases that they are in can be-
12', 10 1/2", 9", or 6"

12"- $4.00 each        10 1/2"-6" -  $3.00 each

White chiffon fabric. There is a very long piece used for on arches, and two shorter pieces most commonly used for curtains on an arch.

$20.00 for either

Black shepherds hooks
42" high once stuck in 
the ground

$3.00 each
Square gold chargers
13" x 13"

$3.00 each