Corsages and boutonnieres
Daddy daughter corsages
                     1                                                  2
                    3                                             4                                              5
                   6                                         7                                         8
                     9                                              10                                     11
This is an example of a corsage and boutonniere combo.
Click the order button and let us know which number corsage is the closest to what you would like.  Give us any details that you would like along with your name.

When we receive your order we will send you an invoice that can be paid through paypal or a credit card and all pick up details.
Daddy daughter corsages start at $10 and boutonnieres are $7.  Prices may vary based on any requests you may have. If you would prefer to pre-pay in cash please indicate that in your order email.  You may then leave your name and cash in an envelope in our drop box located on the side garage door at 11800 Shaner Ave, Cedar Springs or you can mail it.
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